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Welcome to!

Whether you own an Integra Type-R or not, you are probably here because you know just how unique and amazing these cars truly are (or you want to learn). Everything about them screams perfection! My long-term vision of this project/website is to have a well organized directory of our favorite limited-production cars to look through. I would also like to host a wealth of information about ITR's. I'd like to see how many ITR's we can get listed under this one website. I'd like to add your car to this list and even give you the opportunity to have a few pictures posted, and add some comments along with your listing. If you own an "R", or have owned one in the past, you can have your car added to this registry with little effort. Just click on the "Add a Car" link and fill out the form. You can then e-mail me photos if you choose to add them. If your car was totaled and parted out, stolen, or remains safely in the garage I would like to list them all. That includes those of you that still own your caR as well as those that do not. You can always email me from the "Contact Us" tab above to have changes made to your listing or add more photos. The same goes for suggestions about this site. If you see an error on a page or think of something that would make this better than a Corvette or Camaro registry, I'm all ears!

I'd also love to see some good descriptions of how you ended up with your baby, what modifications you have made, what kind of racing you do, or even the sad story of how you may have lost it. I'll post things like that in the photos/comments page that is linked from your ITR registry listing.

Why such a manual process?

I want to ensure that this site is consistent, organized, accurate, and friendly enough for all enthusiasts to enjoy. I don't want to put any personal info that people don't want listed, such as VIN#, owner name, physical address, license plate, contact info, etc. Thus the beauty of the badge number! I also don't want to miss out on seeing and hearing about every individual Integra Type R!

ITR Info Page

The info page is a constant work in progress. It contains cross market comparisons of the different Integra Type-R platforms sold in different regions of the world. You can view a master comparison list for all the details and number comparisons, as well as see all of the physical differences in the separate comparison and information pages. You can now also find original sales brochures, Mugen part catalogs, Honda/Acura press information, and other Honda publishing's that praise this work of art. For those of you that want to learn about other Type-R offerings, and a bit of past aftermarket support, I've recently added non-Integra Mugen catalogs, Spoon Sports catalogs, and sales brochures for other Type-R models (non-integra). The info page also includes links to online forums in which owners get together and form communities and helpful repair resources. There are also a few ITR reviews from when these caRs were first released. I hope you can learn something. Enjoy!

Thank You!

I would like to thank Honda/Acura of America, Honda of Australia, Toda Racing, and everyone else that has helped and continues to help me gather content and research materials that help make a great resource for all that is ITR!

Thanks for stopping by, drive safe!